Amalfi Coast Travel Guide

My friends in Italy introduced me to the idea of visiting the Amalfi Coast. They called it, “Heaven on earth.” At first, I thought it was too good to be true. Afterwards, they showed me some pictures and I fell in love with its Mediterranean landscape. It is one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy. I have never seen such beautiful towns and cities along the cliffs and beaches creating seductive scenery of the coast.

The Amalfi Coast stretches 30 miles on the northern coast of the Salerno Gulf in Southern Italy. This very famous coastal area has a lot breath-taking sceneries due to its relatively steep shores and lush woodlands with the sea revealing a color scheme of peach and terracotta.

In Sorrento, we rode a bus to enjoy the view of the exquisite Amalfi Coast. Sorrento offers an overlooking view of the Bay of Naples in Southern Italy. It became a popular among tourists due to its variety of small antique shops selling a collection of ceramics, lacework and marquetry. This place is perfect for people who collect souvenirs and loves decorate their houses with great displays of artefacts made in Italy. You can see ferry boats, yachts, hydrofoils and other ships serving Sorrento from Naples or Capri. Aside from riding the bus, Sorrento is accessible as it is connected to Naples by the Circumvesuviana rail line. You can truly appreciate the intricate designs of the Italian architecture which are evident along the steep streets and steps of Sorrento.

After enjoying a stroll in the stunning town of Sorrento, we headed to our next stopover which is also a remarkably great destination among visitors and if you love luxury travels, Positano would be the best place to go. Positano is one of the most attractive part of the Amalfi coast due to its resort hotels with deluxe beachfronts. You can see the houses tumbling down to the sea and clinging alongside the cliffs creating a dreamy picture of its vertical landscape for you and your loved ones. There are also smart restaurants and fashionable retailers with an authentic atmosphere that would welcome you in Positano. We enjoyed various flavors of pizzas and pastas here!

It was late in the afternoon when we reach the town of Amalfi but we did enjoy the view of the coastal scenery. We didn’t stay long because it was getting late. We saw the Amalfi Cathedral but didn’t have much time to roam around the area.

How I wish we took a ferry to come over to the island of Capri. This place has clusters of villas, upscale hotels and shopping canters rising above the rocky cliffs. Capri is known for its famous Blue Grotto, a dark cavern where the sea lights electric blue because of the sunlight passing through an underwater cave. As shown in many magazines and post cards, this place is highly appreciated by many people around the world and being visited in many years for its unique Mediterranean ambiance regardless if it is day or night time. Capri is absolutely stunning!

It was in the hottest days of summer when we planned to visit the Amalfi Coast. So in the summer, always remember to pack light, wear the most comfortable outfit you could possibly think of and don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Another tip is to wear the most comfortable pair of shoes as most of the roads and alleys were really steep.

There are so many places in Italy to fall in love with. The Amalfi Coast is so worth the visit. If you are looking for a great travel destination in Italy, add the picturesque Amalfi Coast on your bucket list. Oh, how I love Italy! I will be traveling back across this awe-inspiring country, that’s for sure!

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