White floral dress | Napa Valley

There’s nothing like the summer in California. People all over the world travel to the west coast to experience this. A lot of tourists and locals visit the beaches in LA and San Diego and/or visit the piers in San Francisco. To escape the crowd, we decided to admire the eclectic summer in Napa.

Napa was a bit chilly in the morning but felt so good in the afternoon. Truly, wearing an appropriate outfit is a challenge in California. Being an avid traveler, I have learned to adjust to different climates. In Napa, you might want to wear a dress that’s not too thick but looks chic and feels comfortable. Also, if you are sensitive to cold weather, always remember to bring a light sweater because with California’s unpredictable temperature, it’s always good to be prepared.

After more than four hours of driving, we finally reached the valley. I was wearing a white dress with floral print and I brought a gray sweater with me. The epic view of the spectacular landscapes in Napa made me so excited about the whole tour and the subsequent wine tasting. I will tell you more about it on my next blog posts.

I was so glad to be wearing a white floral dress during the tour as it complemented the vineyard and the mountain backdrop. A dress that gives you a feeling of glamour is not just a dress that could impress but an outfit that could make you happy while traveling with ease. Always remember, a great outfit can make your travels even perfect!

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