Venice Travel Guide

My stay in Italy was short but the weather looked so fine to go on a great adventure in the heart of Mediterranean Sea. My friend lured me into one of the most charming cities in Italy known for its beautiful system of waterways and bridges. Yes, I’m talking about the magnificent city of Venice!

As for me, this quaint city is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Unsurprisingly, with its architectural beauty that has been highly appreciated from across the globe, the shallow Venetian lagoon and a part of the metropolitan are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. How fascinating! By the high recognition granted upon Venice, you can expect the allure of Venice to be true and might be too good for your wandering eyes.

As we set our foot in the hotel, the stunning Venice view immediately caught my eyes. With the picturesque sight of the coastal stretches, gondolas floating on the complex watercourses and the diverse architectural style of the monuments, buildings and other landmarks in the city, no one will resist its inimitable charms.

We officially started exploring Venice at one of the most beautiful squares in the area – the Piazza San Marco. This square has been deemed as one of the main symbols and tourist destinations due to its high cultural and political importance to the metropolitan. This became their city center for centuries where they held religious and civil ceremonies. Moreover, you can easily notice the ornate figure of Piazza San Marco’s Clock tower and connected buildings of the Procuratie. Next to it is the Basilica of San Marco. This church is known for its lavish design with the harmonious mix of the Eastern and Western architecture.

Next to the Basilica is the Doge’s Palace known for its impressive gothic appearance and great significance during the early years of Venice. We also went to the heart of commercial life in the city – the Mercerie. Nowadays, Mercerie is one of the main shopping streets in Venice located just between the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco. After a long and enjoyable walk, we ended back at Piazza San Marco where we found fancy shops, chic sidewalk cafés,  fine dining restaurants and modish bars.

We took our lunch and tried delicious Venetian cuisines. Their cuisines were mostly comprised of seafood along with rice and polenta and a dish of boiled cornmeal. This should be expected since Venice was a fishing village in its early days. Buon appetito!

After enjoying our meal, we decided to try the traditional Venice Gondola Ride. The local gondolier sailed along the busy watercourse of the Grand Canal and brought us to the hidden conduits of Campo San Moisè for almost half an hour. We sat with others but that was absolutely fine because once your gondola sets off, you’ll be too busy admiring the romantic atmosphere of Venice.

To nearly complete our trip, we board on a motorboat to visit three island destinations in the Venetian Lagoon – Murano, Torcello and Burano.  While on the tour, expect to witness glass being blown at a glass factory in Murano, see the historical cathedrals and ornate palaces in Torcello and be allured by the vibrantly painted colorful houses in Burano. Sightseeing was quick yet full of new learning and memories to cherish!

My Venetian experience was fun and unforgettable. Whether you are travelling solo or with your loved ones, make sure to visit Venice and I swear, this city would take your breath away!

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